AAA Insurance and Roadside Assistance Review

By: Heather Hanks May. 04, 2020

American Automobile Association (AAA) offers auto insurance to meet all of your needs. Their roadside assistance feature can help you if you need towing services, need emergency repairs, and more. This feature is available 24/7 and is free with your membership. Memberships start at $53 and include a wide range of benefits, such as fuel delivery, flat tire assistance, and towing.

Plus, you’ll get bonus discounts on trips and rental cars. You will need to check the website to see what options are available in your state. However, this insurance company is widely accepted all over the US and Canada. They currently have over 60 million customers. Check out our AAA Insurance and roadside assistance review below.

What is American Automobile Association (AAA) Insurance?

American Automobile Association (AAA) is a company that offers memberships and automobile insurance. They were founded over 100 years ago to support safer vehicles and better automotive laws for drivers and passengers. The company strives to promote the love of driving on the open road. AAA currently has over 60 million members. They offer various membership services, including roadside assistance. They also offer financial products and travel-related services, including discounts on your trip when you book through AAA.

AAA is a national organization that is made up of 25 individual clubs all over the United States and Canada. They can help you if you need car insurance, roadside assistance, or help planning a trip. According to the website, approximately 25% of households in the United States have an AAA membership. Also, more than 28% of passenger vehicles in North America have AAA memberships. Here are some facts about the services that AAA provides:

  • Provides roadside assistance for almost 33 million motorists
  • Offers more than 1.6 million casualty and property insurance policies
  • Features AAA Vacations®, which is a collection of services that provide travel benefits to members
  • Maintains as one of the largest vacation travel companies in North America
  • Acts as an advocate for safety and customer rights at national, state, and local levels
  • Includes information to members on more than 59,000 AAA-approved restaurants and lodging areas, more than 18,000 events, and almost 13,000 attractions

What Do They Offer?

AAA offers many different services, but they are best known for providing roadside assistance. You can contact AAA anytime and they will be there when you need them. The roadside assistance feature sends someone to you when you need a flat tire changed or if you lock yourself out of your car. You can use this service whether you are the driver or passenger. They will also take care of all of your needs if you are in an accident. You can take your membership one step further by enrolling in AAA auto insurance.

Here is a full list of services included in the roadside assistance feature:

Battery services

Emergency repair check

Extrication and winching

Fuel delivery

Mechanical first aid for minor repairs

Free one-day car rental service

Services for when you lock yourself out of your car

Towing and Tire services

Most people use AAA for their auto insurance policies because they get a discount (as long as you are a member). They are also extremely knowledgeable in all areas that are related to automotive. You can use your AAA service to find auto repair shops nearby or find drivers classes. They are also well-known for providing excellent rates and customer service. According to the website, you can save an average of $405 with AAA rates and discounts. You will need to contact an AAA customer service representative for a quote. This information is not listed on the website. You can also find a representative nearby if you have additional questions.

Here is what you can expect from your AAA auto insurance coverage:

Liability coverage

This feature covers you from bodily injury and property damage to others if you are liable.

Collision coverage

This option pays for physical damage at your car if you’re in an accident or it has been vandalized.

Pet protection

This feature covers your dog or cat if they are injured or killed in an auto accident.

Choose your deductible

AAA allows you to choose your deductible from a variety of levels.

Extended exterior repair option (OEM) coverage

This feature pays for exterior parts of an insured car, excluding window glass and mechanical parts. They use new Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts. It applies to vehicles less than 10 years old.

Comprehensive coverage

This covers you for non-collision losses, cush as glass breakage, vandalism, fire, and theft. AAA will also waive the deductible on qualified windshield cracks and chips.


Check with AAA to see how they can meet your personal needs. You can inquire about personal injury protection, medical payments, car rental coverage, and more.

AAA Insurance provides exceptional service, including accident assistance. This feature allows you to call them if you are in an accident and your car is not operable. AAA will immediately file your claim, dispatch roadside assistance to tow your car, and schedule repairs at a covered location. You won’t have to wait for a claim adjuster to approve the repairs. AAA guarantees that your car will be covered for life. They will also reserve a rental car for you.

Auto insurance through AAA comes with several possible discounts. Here are some you may qualify for:

  • Pay-in-full discount: You’ll get a discount when you pay your premium in full and on time.

  • Multiple-product discount: Save money on your auto insurance when you sign up for a home or life insurance policy through AAA.

  • Multiple-car discount: You can reduce your premium when you insure two or more qualifying household cars through AAA.

  • Occupation and education discount: AAA will give you a discount based on your education or occupation.

  • Good driver and student discount: Safe drivers and students with good grades can receive a discount on their auto insurance.

  • Anti-theft device discount: Using approved theft prevention can protect your vehicle and help you save money.

You can also get home, renters, and personal insurance through AAA. Home insurance covers your garage, utility buildings, identity theft, and more. You’ll also be covered for bodily injury liability, medical payments, and personal liability if anyone gets hurt on your property. AAA’s homeowner’s insurance policy covers you from weather-related disasters, frozen plumbing, and vandalism.

Here are some other services that AAA provides:

● AAA Dollars® Plus Mastercard®

● Auto loans

● CD and savings programs

Membership Levels

You’ll need to become a member to qualify for the services at AAA. There are three different membership plans you can pick from: classic, plus, and premier. The following is a breakdown of each membership level:

Classic Membership

The AAA classic membership is available for $54 per year. It allows you to add one associate for free. The classic membership offers ID theft protection, approved auto repairs, and discounts for attraction tickets. You’ll also have access to travel services and insurance. Here are some of the perks of a classic AAA membership:

  • Vehicle lockout service up to $50 (they will unlock your car for you if you lock your keys inside)
  • Emergency fuel delivery (you must pay for the fuel; they will bring it to you for free)
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership and 675 free points
  • Identity theft monitoring from ProtectMyID® Essential
  • Member-only discounts at nearly 120,000 locations
  • Extrication or winching services for one vehicle
  • Towing up to five miles each
  • Battery service and jump-starts
  • Travel accident insurance up to $100,000
  • Hotel discounts for members only
  • Free tire change with your spare

The classic AAA membership also helps you save money on everyday services and purchases. You’ll get 10% off labor for up to $50 off at AAA-approved auto repair facilities. Plus, you’ll get roadside assistance for your bike and discounts at restaurants, shops, hotels, and more. The following services are offered for free with your classic membership:

● Additional driver with Hertz car rentals

● Severe weather alerts

● Household coverage review

● Download eTourBook® guides for AAA-approved hotels and lodging where discounts can be applied

● Emergency cash checking

Plus Membership

The AAA plus membership offers added protection and savings on the road and in your car. Your membership comes with up to four membership service calls per year. You’ll also get:

  • Extrication or winching services for two vehicles or two drivers
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership and 675 free points
  • Free fuel with your emergency fuel delivery
  • Vehicle locksmith services up to $100
  • Up to 100 miles of towing
  • Car travel interruption up to $1,000
  • Two free passport photos
  • Emergency check cashing
  • Flat tire and battery service, emergency starting
  • Travel accident insurance up to $300,000

Premier Membership

A premier membership with AAA offers the highest level of benefits. Like the plus membership, you’ll get up to four service calls per year. Here are some other features you’ll get:

  • Towing one car up to 200 miles; remaining tows are up to 100 miles
  • Vehicle locksmith service up to $150
  • Car travel interruption up to $1,500
  • 24/7 emergency travel and medical assistance
  • Home lockout service reimbursement for up to $100
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership plus 1,100 points
  • Emergency check cashing
  • $100 discount on cruise, tour, or a prepaid vacation when you upgrade to premier
  • Mobile battery service and Flat tire and emergency starting service
  • Extrication or winching services for two vehicles or two drivers
  • Travel accident insurance up to $500,000
  • One day free car rental with qualifying tow
  • Unlimited passport photos
  • 24/7 concierge service

AAA Insurance and Roadside Assistance: Pros and Cons

Roadside assistance is one of the biggest perks of having an AAA membership. Call them if you are having car trouble and they will come to you. They can help fix a flat tire, jump start your car, or unlock the door if you lock your keys inside. AAA also offers discounts for a variety of services, including vacations, dining out, and rental cars.

AAA also provides services for all of your automotive needs. They can help you with purchases, classes and training, and maintenance and repair. They also keep you alerted while traveling on the road. Services include auto loans, CARFAX information, and traffic and construction alerts. Here is a complete list of automotive-related services that AAA provides: Auto buying (see what others paid, get member discounts, and secure a new car), Auto loans (rates are as low as 2.89% APR for members only), Green car guide, CARFAX information, AAA driver training, Wet weather driving, Driving safety guide, AAA mobile battery service, AAA approved auto repair, Direct repair shop, Filing an auto glass claim, Traffic and construction alerts, Roadside assistance, Maps and fuel prices.

Here are some pros and cons to consider before signing up for a membership:

AAA Insurance PROS

  • AAA membership comes with roadside assistance
  • Choose from three membership tiers
  • Roadside assistance is available 24/7; they will come to you if you are stranded with car troubles
  • Roadside assistance includes towing, battery and jumpstart services, emergency fuel delivery
  • Membership benefits include discounts on trips, hotels, restaurants, and rental cars
  • Travel accident insurance and emergency cash checking is available for all memberships
  • Memberships come with free repairs at AAA-approved auto shops
  • Depending on your membership tier, AAA will cover the costs of repairs
  • Vehicle locksmith services are provided with memberships
  • Memberships cover several vehicles and drivers in your household
  • AAA auto insurance provides liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage
  • Other auto insurance features include personal injury protection, theft coverage, and waived deductibles for windshield repairs
  • You can pick your auto insurance deductible
  • AAA also offers renters, home, and life insurance; discounts are available when you bundle services
  • Various discounts are available for auto insurance, including education and occupation, pay-in-full, and student and good driver discounts
  • Accident assistance is available and includes roadside assistance to the accident location, claim initiation, and free rental car service
  • You’ll get an auto insurance discount when you invest in an approved anti-theft device for your car
  • You can insure your boat, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, and recreational vehicle (RV)
  • You can save an average of $405 with auto insurance discounts
  • AAA will schedule repairs for you if you are in an accident at an approved location
  • You can file a claim online or call customer service toll free

AAA Insurance CONS

  • Pricing is not openly disclosed on the AAA website. This means you will need to get a quote from a customer service representative if you’re looking for pricing. Doing so may require you to enter personal items, including your email address and other contact information. However, this is the best way to get an accurate quote.
  • AAA is not available in all states. Check the website and enter your zip code to determine if you’re eligible.

How To Apply

Auto insurance and roadside assistance are only available to members. Before you apply, determine what membership you want. You can pick from a classic, plus, or premier membership. To become a member, visit the website and enter your information, including your:

  • Full name
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Number of eligible members to add to your account (first additional member is free for one year)

After you enter this information, you will be asked to enter your payment information. Once your account is activated, AAA will send you details regarding your account. Roadside assistance will begin three days after your first payment.

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