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By: Heather Hanks May. 07, 2019

Do you need special credit cards for really bad credit? You sure do! If you have bad credit, then you need a card that is designed especially for you. This is because using the right credit card is the first step toward changing your bad credit into good credit. Although you can get a credit card with bad credit or no credit at all, it won’t have many perks or rewards. It will be a fairly basic card with no bells and whistles. Keep in mind that this is OK for the time being. You’re not going to have it forever! The idea is to use a basic card to rebuild your credit and then move on to a better credit card once you have your credit where you want it. We’ve broken down a list of the best credit cards for people with bad credit to help you rebuild and get back on track.

Using the right credit card the right way - is first step in transforming a bad credit score into a good one.

You can get a credit card with bad credit or even with no credit, but it won't be one of those cards you see advertised with rich rewards or exclusive perks. Instead, it will be a fairly basic card. That’s OK. You’re not going to keep this card forever. The idea is to use it to build or rebuild your credit, then move on to a better product.

We narrowed down the best credit cards for bad credit into three categories.

- Our pick for -

Low deposit credit cards

Our pick for the best low deposit credit card features the Milestone Gold Mastercard credit card. This card is designed to help you take control of your credit and build like a responsible user. We like it because it’s a great card to help you rebuild your credit. It has a $0 annual fee and a regular APR of 24.9%. This is an ideal card for people who have a credit score of 629 and below.

Milestone Gold Mastercard credit card

Take control and build your credit with responsible use. Awesome card for Rebuilding your credit score.


Annual fee of $35 to $75 for the first year; the second year can be as high as $99 depending on your credit score


24.9% but increases to 29.9% for good with one missed payment




350 - 629

- Our pick for -

No credit check credit cards

Our pick for the best no credit check credit card is the Indigo® Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card. We like it because you do not need to have a credit score for approval. For this reason, we think it’s one of the best credit cards for bad credit. It features a annual fees range from $0 to $99, depending on your credit and a regular APR of 24.9%. You can also take out this credit card no matter what your credit score is. Keep in mind you won’t receive any rewards or bonuses with this card. If you have good credit, go with another card.

Indigo® Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard Credit Card is the perfect card if you have less than perfect credit. Indigo will work with you to help you improve your credit without asking for a security deposit. You can have bad credit and still be approved.


Annual fees range from $0 to $99, depending on your credit


Purchase APR is fixed 24.9%




350 - 690


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