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Credit Saint credit restoration service review

By: Heather Hanks Jan. 17, 2019

Credit Saint offers a credit restoration service designed to help you restore your credit and get out of debt. They are a BBB accredited business that backs all their programs with a 90-day money back guarantee.

When you sign up at Credit Saint, you’ll be assigned to a personal advisory board with team members who personally watch over your case. This means that you’ll talk to the same person each time you call and these members will be familiar with your case. You’ll also have access to all of your information online, including a full analysis and progress report.

At Credit Saint, your team of advisors will make sure you understand how credit works and what you can do to restore it. We’ve done a complete review of Credit Saint here to help you decide whether or not signing up is in your best interest.

Polish plan


Remodel plan


Clean slate package


Who Is Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is a credit restoration company that can help you restore and repair your damaged credit. They have been in business since 2004. According to the website, Credit Saint has served thousands of people and was rated number one in 2017 and 2018 by The Credit Review. They were also top-ranked by Supermoney and Consumers Affair. The company will challenge and remove negative items on your credit report to help restore your score. They’ll also assign you a personal team of professional advisors to answer any questions you have about your account and help guide you on financial decisions in the future.

There are three different plans you can choose from

Pricing for Credit Saint


  • Access to Credit Saint Online
  • 90 Day Money Back
  • Toll Free Support
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Late Payments
  • Charge-Offs


79.99 month
  • Access to Credit Saint Online
  • 90 Day Money Back
  • Toll Free Support
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Late Payments
  • Escalated Information Requests


99.99 month
  • Access to Credit Saint Online
  • 90 Day Money Back
  • Toll Free Support
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Late Payments
  • Dispute Avalanche

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a $99-$195 first work fee that applies to all packages depending on which you choose. The basic package will cost you a first work fee of $99 in addition to the monthly cost of $59.99. The clean slate package costs $195 for the first week on top of the $99.99 per month.

This first week fee is considered a startup fee and includes a full report on your credit rating. It also includes the writing up portion of your case. These fees seem high, but keep in mind that the monthly fees are lower than most competitors, which means that the packages are still competitive.

With the clean slate package, clients can expect to make escalated information requests, have aggressive disputes made on their behalf, enjoy a 90-day money back guarantee, online access to their account, toll-free customer service support, and debt validation. If you choose the polish or remodel packages, you won’t have access to dispute avalanche and your debt removal won’t be as aggressive. Additionally, the polish package doesn’t include escalated information.

With all packages, customers will be working with the same service representative each time they call. This means that the team assigned to your account will have personal experience working with your case to best answer your questions and help restore your credit.

How Does Credit Saint Works?

Credit Saint works by offering you three different programs to choose from. Each is designed to challenge negative items on your credit statement to restore your credit score. The programs go through a 45 day cycle where your credit report is scoured and analyzed. The company then challenges negative items to get them removed from your credit history and improve your score. After each cycle has run its course, you will receive a credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies to help track your progress. When you sign up at Credit Saint, your team will provide you with a plan of action to get your credit back up. While they are hard at work contacting the three major credit reporting agencies to remove negative items from your credit report, you are advised to start working on the plan that was provided to you when you signed up. You should receive an updated credit report after each 45 day cycle where changes have been made to your history.

Credit Saint works to remove just about any negative or derogatory item on your credit report depending on which package you sign up for.

To make the right decision about which package is right for you, it’s helpful to know which discrepancies are on your credit history and need to be removed. If Credit Service cannot remove inaccurate items from your credit report within 90 days, then you will be refunded your money. Additionally, you can cancel any time during the cycle and your refund will be prorated based on when you cancel.

fix your credit

Polish package (basic)

identity theft, late payments, collections agencies, credit inquiries, and charge-offs

Remodel package (2nd level)

same as polish package plus repossessions and bankruptcies

Clean slate package (ultimate)

everything included in the above two packages as well as judgments

Credit Saint Service Highlights


Credit Saint provides you with an updated credit report every 45 days. You can access this information via your online account to see how your credit restoration is progressing. Credit Saint will also set up milestones for you. These tips are designed to help you continue to restore your credit.

Because of this, Credit Saint considers themselves a credit restoration service as opposed to a one-time simple credit repair. Your team helps you make decisions about your future by acknowledging the things that affect your credit. They also provide advice on how to settle debt and deal with your creditors.

The company guarantees that you will start to see progress on your negative items within 90 days of your plan. Most people see results sooner than this. It’s very unlikely that you’ll go longer than 45 days without seeing improvement on your credit score. You can always check your online status if you want to see which items are being challenged. When you are happy with your credit score and no longer need Credit Saint’s services, you can cancel your package at any time and your money will be prorated if it’s in the middle of the cycle.

User Experience

Top-ranked by Supermoney and Consumers Affair

Long time in business

They have been in business since 2004.


  • Free credit consultation
  • No fees for pulling your credit report during the free consultation
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime; your refund will be prorated
  • You get an updated credit report every 45 days
  • Credit discrepancies are disputed to improve your credit score
  • Personal advisory team to help you make decisions in the future
  • You’ll talk to the same team every time you call
  • Online access to your account
  • Toll-free customer service
  • $99-$195 first work fee
  • Services are not available to people in South Carolina
  • Deleted items may reappear on your account; however, you will be noticed first so that you can take steps to manage it

Keep in mind that while Credit Saint is working to remove your credit discrepancies from your history, you are still responsible for making payments on your bills. The service does not recommend adding new credit to your report while they are working because this will be working against the service. Continue to make your payments on time and take care not to create further discrepancies.

Also remember that it’s possible for a negative item to reappear on your credit after Credit Saint deletes it. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this is because credit bureaus need to inform you before this happens. In other words, you will be contacted before an item that has been deleted reappears on your credit. It’s very rare that a deleted item will ever reappear on your account, but it’s a possibility. You may want to ask your personal advisory team about this possibility when you sign up with Credit Saint.




The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. First, you need to register by filling out an online form.



After you fill out your information online, your personal information will be saved into your account. You’ll need to enter your name, email, address, and how you heard about Credit Saint to fill out your application.



Then, a team member will contact you to see how they can help. You’ll be asked if you want to do a free consultation to learn more about the service and which package would be right for you.

phone credit saint

As part of your free consultation, your team member will pull your credit history for free. This is a good way to determine which discrepancies will need to be removed.

Your package will depend on which negative items need to be removed. For example, if you have late fees that need to be removed, then you should be able to sign up for the basic package. However, if you have judgments that need to come off, then you’ll want to go with the clean slate package.

Credit Saint Vs. Other Credit Repair Services

The best way to determine which credit repair service is right for you is by shopping around.

Lexington Law is the top major competitor for Credit Saint because of the number of years it has been in business, its long-standing success, and the prices they offer. With Lexington Law, you get a good value. The packages cost less than Credit Saint, but it’s important to keep in mind that Credit Saint offers better services if you’re looking to naturally correct your credit score. This includes a personal team to help you make decisions in the future by setting up milestones for your financial success.

Both services can remove negative items from your credit, but if you don’t correct the behavior that caused the discrepancies in the first place, then you’ll be right back where you started in a few years. Credit Saint can help you manage large debt and monthly finances if you feel overwhelmed. This is where Credit Saint shines.

To make the best decision, it helps to determine what your needs are. If you are looking to fully restore your credit and keep it manageable for the long run, then Credit Saint is the way to go. However, if you simply want to remove negative charges on your account without setting yourself up for success in the future, then go with a package that costs less.

If cost is a factor, it might help to see if either service offers any discounts. This can help you decide which service is the best value for you. If you’re interested in restoring your credit yourself without removing negative items, then you can follow the guidelines provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act at no charge. You can start by paying your bills on time every month to help build your credit history. Paying off debt as soon as possible is also helpful. You may need to establish a plan when it comes to making payments that you can sustain for long periods.

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