Four Price Drop Apps That Get Your Money Back

There’s nothing worse than spending hours shopping for an item only to find that it went on sale weeks after you bought it. Luckily, recent technology is available to help monitor your purchases after you make them and then ask for a refund on the items you already purchased. All that’s needed from you is to download an app and let the bots do their thing. Here are four companies that help you get your money back on price drop items.

How Do Price Protection Apps Work?

Price protection apps help you get a refund on an item you purchased if the price dropped by making good on policies that few people know about. Some apps, such as Earny, are only eligible for those who have an account with Chase or Citibank. But there are options for other people who don’t use these banks. Paribus can be used by anyone, not just Chase and Citibank account holders. Downloading is free, but most companies will take a small cut if they get you a refund.

Most apps are designed to act like a bot to monitor your email receipts on products you recently purchased. They work behind the scenes to keep an eye on these products and will send an email to the vendor on your behalf if the item goes on sale within an allowed period after it was purchased. For most users, you have 90 days to collect on a refund. All you need to cash in on this deal is an iPhone or Android smartphone. Paribus lets you use the app from the web. Once you download the app, the bot takes over, and your job is done.

There are a few different companies to choose from. Each company credits themselves as having the highest level of security when it comes to your personal information. The apps do not send private emails to anyone in your contact list. Nor do they have access to your bank account or credit card number. They simply access your receipts.

Here are four apps to choose and get your money back

Especially if you are a non-Chase or Citibank holder (if you are, Earny is the best choice)


Paribus Money Back App

Paribus Money Back App

Paribus is the company that has been around the longest. It can be used by iPhone, Android and web users. The app works by syncing to your email account (the one that you use for online shopping), and scanning your account for receipts. Then, a bot adds those items to your Paribus account. If the price of an item you purchased drops, Paribus sends an email to the vendor on your behalf to ask them for the price difference. This app takes a 25% cut of your refund, so the company does not get paid unless you do.

Paribus also has a feature that tracks your online packages from Amazon to ensure they make it to your door. If the app detects that a package wasn’t delivered, Paribus will file a claims report with Amazon and have your account credited. Recommending Paribus to other users will get you a lower price percentage.

Paribus PROS

  • Versatile. Paribus can be used by just about anyone that has access to the internet. You don’t need a Chase or Citibank account.

  • Works behind the scenes. The only time you’ll get a notification from Paribus is when it gets your money back. You may also get copied on an email it sends to a merchant on your behalf. Otherwise, you might even forget that it’s working.

Paribus CONS

  • Has access to your email. If you’re a private person, it may take some getting used to before getting comfortable enough to allow a bot to send an email acting like you.

Paribus app user experience 86%

Download from AppStore


Slice mobile app

Slice mobile app

Slice is an app that does more than get your money back on price drops. It monitors all of your online purchases to make sure they arrive on time. It works by accessing your receipts to track your packages and alerts you when any item you purchased has a recall. The app is free to download from the iTunes store and Google Play.

Slice PROS

  • Helps you stay organized. If you’re worried about missing a package or if you have multiple packages arriving at once, Slice can help you stay on top of things.

  • Ideal for window shoppers. Slice helps you identify the best deal, which means you likely won’t need to use the price drop feature.

Slice CONS

  • Works best for online shopping. If you’re in in-store frequenter, you might not need all the features of this app.
  • Clarification needed. Reviewers claim that the app mistook online deliveries from email receipts, causing them to have to scroll through and sort out the receipts.

Slice app user experience 89%

Download from AppStore
Download from GooglePlay


Pricerazzi mobile app

Pricerazzi mobile app

Pricerazzi is available to Android and iPhone users. It uses the paper recipes that you scan and upload to your phone and price matches them to other retailers. It doesn’t contact the seller for you, but instead sends you instructions on how to do so. The app is free to download and takes a 15 percent cut of your refunds.

Pricerazzi PROS

  • Lower price cut. Pricerazzi offers a smaller price cut percentage for their services so that you can make more money than other apps.

  • Processes in-store transactions. Because you have to upload your receipts, Pricerazzi doesn’t just monitor online orders. It also tracks your in-store purchases.

Pricerazzi CONS

  • More work on your part. While other apps automatically scan your email for receipts, Pricerazzi has you scan and upload them manually.
  • They also don’t email the vendors for you, so you will need to send a separate email asking for a refund.

Pricerazzi app user experience 82%

Download from AppStore
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Honey mobile app

Honey mobile app

Honey is a price-browsing app that finds coupons for you to use to get the best price on items you intend to purchase. The goal is to save you time and energy when it comes to price shopping and coupon cutting. It allows you to collect all of the coupons in one place and use them at over 100 stores. There is no charge to use the app.

Honey PROS

  • Easy in-store use. Once you’re at the store and wish to use a coupon you saved, all you have to do is click on the barcode, and it enables you access without making you search for it.

  • Ideal for Amazon users. If you’re a regular Amazon user, Honey will find you the best price. This includes vendors who don’t charge tax or shipping.

Honey CONS

  • Coupons aren’t guaranteed. While coupon shopping is a good way to save money, not all retailers offer them. You might become dissatisfied if the app doesn’t find any coupons at the retailer of your choice.
  • Coupons may also expire by the time you use them, so check their expiration date.

Honey app user experience 85%

Download from AppStore

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