Is the Fuze card the mother of all cards?

Imagine the convenience of condensing all of your credit cards into one. You’d save space in your wallet and could stop worrying about which card to use in a given transaction. The Fuze card is a slim, secure and convenient electronic card with an EMV chip that holds up to 30 gift, debit or credit cards all at once. It promises advanced technology and arrives consumer-ready, but is the Fuze card really the mother of all cards? Here are the pros and cons.

How Fuze card works?

The Fuze card was launched by a company called BrillantTS as the world’s thinnest all-in-one smart card. According to CEO Jaehun Bae, the idea began in the early 2000’s with a company called CrucialTec, which was the only company to “successfully miniaturize optical mouse tech into a small module as big as your fingernail.” The company then decided to use that same technology to develop the Fuze card by packing a lot of technology into a 0.03 inch thick card.

The concept was fully funded on Indiegogo in just two hours and is compatible with all iPhone and Android phones and magnetic strip/NFC/EMV/Bluetooth devices. The card was designed to condense your entire wallet by using multi-card technology to store the information of up to 30 different cards. You can use it anywhere including at the market, your favorite restaurant, or at the ATM, and it works just like any other credit card. The so-called “smart card” allows you to condense up to 30 credit, debit, gift, OTP, identification, and membership cards into one.

Each order comes with a Fuze card, a card reader, and a portable battery charger. To use it, you’ll first need to charge your card with the portable battery charger. Then you’ll need to download the Fuze app and connect your devices to it. The free iOS and Android app allow you to manage your accounts, expenses, and cards. Next, you’ll use the card reader to swipe your cards and add their information to your Fuze card. Once that’s done, you’ll set a passcode using a six-button combination to secure your card, and it will be ready to use.

The Fuze card allows you to scroll through and select any card that you have uploaded by pushing a button on the card’s E-paper display when it’s time to make a transaction. You can use it with one-time sales by selecting a single card to use when the Fuze card is out of Bluetooth range because the card will automatically lock after the transaction is complete. And since only you know the passcode, no one else will be able to use your card.

Fuze card PROS

  • The Fuze card is the same size as a regular card. Measures for the Fuze card are 3.36 x 2.13 x 0.03 inches with a weight of 0.2 ounces, which is the same as a standard credit card. So it can easily be stored in your pocket or wallet without taking up too much room.
  • It comes with a built-in tracker. The Fuze card features an integrated Bluetooth tracker, so you never have to worry about misplacing it. You’ll receive alerts to your phone about the card’s location if you leave it behind.
  • Single swipe technology. You can lock the Fuze card when handing it off to a waiter to ensure that they don’t accidentally switch the card’s settings. The E-paper display is also easy to read and doesn’t require a lot of power so you won’t need to charge the card often even if you use it a lot.
  • Takes the place of your wallet. Instead of grabbing your purse, the Fuze card holds all the contents of your wallet and can be tracked if you lose it (unlike a wallet).
  • The Fuze card stays charged for 30 days. After the Fuze card is fully charged, it lasts for 30 days. The package comes with a rechargeable battery and a power bank that holds an extra charge for on-the-go use.
  • You can track your order. You can track your Fuze card by visiting their website. Keep in mind that the orders are updated manually so it may take some time for your information to be put in the system.

Fuze card CONS

  • The Fuze card is a bit pricey. The price of a Fuze card without an EMV chip is $129 plus shipping. However, this is a one-time payment, and you will not be charged a monthly fee to use the card.
  • Requires multiple swipes. Some users claim the Fuze card requires multiple swipes to work properly before a transaction can be made.
  • Delayed customer service. The website indicates that the company is backed up when it comes to responding to customer service inquiries. This will hopefully improve as the company grows. You can send your inquiries to [email protected].
  • Your Fuze card may not be compatible with all banks. The comparability of your Fuze card depends on your individual agreement with your bank, so you may not be able to use it at some locations.
  • Smartphones may soon come out with similar technology. There is a chance your smartphone or other technology could take the place of a smart card sometime in the near future, making the Fuze card a waste of money.

Fuze card Review

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