Yalber Business Financing

Yalber Business Financing Review

By: Vik Holovanov Feb. 01, 2019

Yalber business financing can help you get a royalty-based investment for your business. Royalty investments are different from other types of loans. They don't require collateral for a personal guarantee for you to receive your funds. You can receive a loan of up to $500,000 in as little as 24 hours if you are approved.

However, you must meet strict qualifications to qualify for a royalty investment. Here is everything you need to know about a Yalber business financing royal investment and whether its right for your business needs.

Yalber strives to support small business owners by providing them with funds that allow them to develop their local communities. They have five business locations throughout the United States. These include Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, New York and San Francisco. They also have a location in London, UK. However, you do not need to live in one of these areas to be considered for a royalty investment. Yalber provides loans for businesses across the world.

Who Is Yalber Financing?

Yalber has been in business since 2007. Their goal is to provide business financing for companies so that they can succeed in their field. They offer financing for both small businesses with home offices to larger businesses with locations around the world.

According to the website, Yalber’s goal is to provide business owners with unsecured and fast working capital. Their investment plans are designed to increase and support your business revenue. They specialize in developing long-term and personal working relationships with their customers.

Here is the contact information for each of their locations in the United States:

New York
9:00am - 5:00pm EST
Phone: 1-888-969-1933
Fax: 1-888-777-1277

Los Angeles
9:00am - 5:00pm PDT
Phone: 1-888-969-1933
Fax: 201-530-7370

San Francisco
9:00am - 5:00pm PDT
Phone: 1-888-969-1933
Fax: 201-530-7370

9:00am - 5:00pm
Phone: 1-888-969-1933
Fax: 201-530-7370

Yalber prides itself on providing excellent customer service for its members. You can visit the website's homepage to chat with one of its team members. Or call toll-free for questions about your account. Their website also provides videos regarding their services and why a royal investment might work for you.

How does Yalber work?

Yalber works by offering royalty based investments. The company makes money by collecting a percentage of your business businesses future income. In exchange, you get upfront financing. Unlike other companies, Yalber does not collect royalties past a certain point. In other words, they don't make money off your profits for the entire lifespan of your business.

Payments stop as soon as the money you borrowed is paid back in full. Yalber offers fixed, agreed-upon royalty percentages that don't fluctuate. This means that you won't have to pay more if your business profits increase. However, if your business struggles, then you won't be able to renegotiate your payments.

Yalber allows you to gain working capital in exchange for collecting royalties off of your profit. Working capital is a term used to describe how efficient your business is at making money. It also reflects your company’s short-term financial status. In other words, working capital is the amount of money available to run your company's daily operations. You can calculate your working capital by subtracting your company assets by your liabilities. Working capital is important because it reflects your success as a business owner and operator.

Yalber gives your business working capital by investing in your product or service. They provide you with an upfront loan or investment in exchange for a percentage of your business's future income. Once the loan is fully paid, the royalty rights are returned to your business and you no longer have to pay. This is a unique trait because most royalty investments require you to pay for as long as you are in business. This is one of the many benefits of working with Yalber as opposed to other financing companies.

Funding through Yalber is quick and easy. You can receive funds up to $500,000 within 24 hours if you qualify. According to the website, most borrowers receive their money within 72 hours. This is ideal for business owners who need money quickly and cannot wait. The average wait time is seven to 10 business days.

Yalbar loans are difficult to qualify for. You must meet strict expectations and be in business for two months. If you have bad credit or no credit, then obtaining a royalty investment from Yalbar may be difficult. However, there is nothing on the website that indicates they check your credit. There does not seem to be a lot of information available online regarding the company's services. This makes it hard to compare Yalber to other royalty investment companies.

Here are some highlights of the Yalber services

Fast funding

most business owners will see funds transferred into their account within 24 hours. The average wait time is 72 hours. This is much quicker than the turnaround time on most loans, which averages up to a week or more

Fast approval time

it takes the company 24 hours to either approve or deny your application. This allows you to move on quickly find other financing options if you do not meet the qualifications for a royalty investment loan with Yalber.


Limited documents needed

To fill out an application, you only need documents regarding your business's financial status from the past three months. Most companies require a credit history of up to a year or more to apply. This is ideal for business owners who haven't been in business long or don't have a good financial standing.

Funding amount

funding amounts range from $5,000 to $500,000 and can be used for any business purpose. The amount you are eligible for will depend on your financial standing. Some companies require you to put more money toward a specific goal. But Yalber offers you financial freedom in terms of how you spend your money as long as it's business-related. To keep your investment royalties within your budget, do not take out more money than you need.

Minimum gross revenue requirements

your business must earn an average of $7,000 per month to be considered for a royalty investment. This is higher than other loans. But Yalber does not require a personal guarantee or collateral from you. This is their way of confirming that you make enough money to make payments on your investment.

How To Apply Yalber


Visit the Yalber website to get started and submit an application online

The application process appears to be easy. It's a good idea to gather the documents you need before beginning an application. These may include your personal information as well as information regarding your business's financial status within the past three months. This will ensure that you receive your funds as quickly as possible.


Yalber will contact you to discuss your personalized options

After receiving your application, the company will be in contact with you to discuss your personalized options. The company promises to give you an answer within 24 hours of receiving your application. Once you're approved, you'll pick from a list of personalized options that reflect your credit standing and investment opportunities. After you pick your payment option, the funds will be transferred into your checking account the next business day.


Sign up with Yalber

Once you sign up with Yalber, the company promises to provide excellent customer service. They have a dedicated customer portal and personal representative assigned to your account. This means that whenever you contact the company regarding your account, you will speak with someone familiar with your needs and not a random team member. You can contact your representative 24 hours a day/7 days a week, even on holidays. You can also visit the company's website and chat live with a team member any time of day.

What Is Revenue-based Yalber Financing?

Yalber Royalty Investment

Unlike a traditional loan, revenue-based financing allows you to use a percentage of your business's profits each month as your payment. There are no set or fixed monthly fees or rates. When you apply for a revenue-based investment, you will know the percentage of your payment up front. This rate will not change for the duration of your loan term, which is completed once the money you borrowed is paid back in full. Funds are available within 24 hours of approval.

Revenue-based financing is different from other loans because it uses your business income as a form of payment. On the other hand, traditional loans require you to make a fixed rate monthly payment with interest that may or may not increase over the years. Yalber royalty investment loans only require you to pay the agreed-upon percentage of your monthly profits. Your past credit history is less likely to affect the amount of money that you borrow. Instead, Yalber focuses on the amount of money that your business brings in monthly. Yalber uses this information to put together a personalized package plan for your loan options.

A royalty investment allows you to save money on interest and other fees that are standard with traditional lungs. But it's more difficult to qualify for a royalty investment then it is with other loans. Yalber does not appear to take into account your credit history. Instead, it requires you to have a gross income of at least $7,000 per month. You also need to have been in business for at least two months to be considered for a loan. This is to ensure that your business makes enough money to make timely payments.

One of the biggest benefits of using royalty investment is that it encourages you to run a successful business. Your monthly payments are based on your monthly income. This means that the more successful your business is, the more money you'll take home after making your monthly payment.

On the other hand, businesses that don't do well will see a drop in their revenue because of the money they owe on their investment. Taking out a royalty investment encourages business owners to meet their monthly payments and still bring home the profit that they desire.

Once you have paid your investment back in full, your responsibility to Yalber is complete. You will no longer have to make payments to them. This is another way a royalty investment from Yalber encourages you run a successful business. The sooner your loan is paid off, the sooner your obligation to Yalber will be fulfilled and you can keep all of your monthly profit.

Yalber Royalty Investment Review

Yalber investments don't appear to be subject to as many fees as traditional loans. This includes application fees, late fees, high interest rates, etc. But you will want to speak with a customer representative about these fees before taking out a loan.

You will also want to check to see if your payment activity will be reported to the three major credit reporting business bureaus. If so, this is a great way to help build your credit score. Keep in mind that if your activity is reported, making late payments or missing payments can negatively affect your score. Because of this, it's important to make timely payments each month until your loan is paid in full.

Here are some pros and cons of using a Yalber royalty investment loan:


  • Easy application process - you will know within 24 hours if you are approved
  • You can be approved for a loan of as much as $500,000 or as little as $5,000 depending on your needs
  • Funds will be transferred to your bank account the next business day after being approved
  • It's okay to have bad or no credit when applying for a loan. Yalber does not take into account your credit history. Instead, your application is approved based on your monthly profits from your business. They also don't appear to charge high interest rates.
  • Unlike a traditional loan, a royalty investment can help encourage you to run a successful business. Many business owners find that a royalty investment encourages them to bring home more money to make up for the percentage they have to pay back.
  • Your obligation to your loan and Yalber is complete once you pay back all the money you owe. Other royalty investment companies require you to make monthly payments for as long as you are in business. This means that once your loan is paid back in full, you can go back to keeping your monthly profits all to yourself.
  • You'll be assigned your own account manager based on your industry and location. You also have 24 hour access to customer service and a client portal whenever you need it.
  • Yalber is even open on holidays so you can contact the company anytime.
  • You can contact Yalber through phone, email, or live chat on their website
  • You can use your money any way you choose as long as it's business-related. Some loan companies have strict requirements about how you spend your money. Yalber allows you complete financial freedom.
Credit score


  • There is little information about Yalber and their royalty investments online. This makes it hard to make an informed decision about the company and its services.
  • Yalber requires you to have a successful business before taking out a loan. You must earn a profit of $7,000 per month to be considered for an investment loan. This is the company's way of working around bad credit to ensure that you will pay on time. Yalber knows that if your business is not successful, you will not have enough money to make payments. You must also have been in business for at least two months before applying for a loan. This means that if you are a start-up business owner, you may have trouble getting the funds you need until you are a more established company.
  • It's unclear if Yalber reports to the three credit reporting business bureaus. This is either good or bad depending on your payment history. If you make timely payments, then you will want Yalber to report your activity so that your credit score goes up. However, if you constantly make late payments, then you will not want this activity reported. If your goal is to build credit while also obtaining a loan, then you may want to go with a different company or find other ways to build your credit.

Who Can Benefit From A Yalber Royalty Investment Loan?

A royalty investment loan from Yalber is ideal for a well-established business owner. You don't need good credit to qualify, but you will need a profit of at least $7,000 a month. You also need to have been in business for at least two months. Business owners who do not meet these qualifications may have a hard time qualifying. A royalty investment loan does not appear to report your activity to the three credit reporting business bureaus. If you are looking to obtain a loan to build your credit, then you may need to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that anytime you borrow money, your activity may be monitored. This may affect your credit. A Yalber royalty investment loan can range from $5,000 to $500,000. Funds are distributed quickly. This makes Yalber an ideal option if you need money within a day or two. You may also want to go with Yalber if you don't have the funds to pay back a traditional loan. This is because a royalty investment loan takes a percentage of your monthly profit. You won't have to draw upon other sources of income to make your monthly payments. You also don't need to put down collateral or make a personal agreement to obtain a loan. If you need money and don't own property, then a royalty investment loan might be right for you.

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